Stunned By a Recent Hospital Bill for a MRI or CT?

Did you know there are big differences in the cost of these exams and others depending on where your exam is performed?

Do you have a high deductible insurance plan? Are you uninsured?

At Diagnostic Imaging, our procedures are far less expensive than at local area hospitals.  This means a lot when it comes to your out of pocket expense at the time of service.

Comparison of Average Charges for Imaging Exams

Diagnostic Imaging, P.C. Local Area Hospital
PROCEDURE Avg Exam Charge*
& Reading/
Interpretation Charge
MRI $1039 $0.00 $2,279 + Separate Charge
CT Scan $593 $0.00 $2,302 + Separate Charge
Ultrasound $243 $0.00 $662 + Separate Charge
X-Ray $74 $0.00 $256 + Separate Charge
Nuclear Medicine $607 $0.00 $1,594 + Separate Charge

*Local area hospital charges are based upon data gathered during the month of Sept 2014. DI avg charges were based on highest volume exams and charges during the same time frame.


Up-Front, Out-of-Pocket Savings at Diagnostic Imaging, P.C.

A MRI Patient Example with Insurance Coverage and Out-of-Pocket Expenses:

Diagnostic Imaging, P.C. Local Area Hospital
Patient Deductible $2,500 $2,500
Amout of Deductible Currently Met $0 $0
Average MRI Charge $1,039 $2,279
**Maximum Out-of-Pocket
(at the time of service)
$520 $2,279
50% of Charge 100% of Charge
Out-of-Pocket Savings $1,759

**Out of pocket expenses at DIPC will be calculated based on the deductible amount remaining to the extent that information is available from the carrier at the time of service. For this illustration, the maximum OOP is 50% of the charge (our base calculation), but could be less depending on the remaining unmet deductible.